It’s all About Time(ing)

I love those moments of clarity and confirmation when the universe is boldly letting you know you are on the right path. 

I went on a long overdue matinee movie date today with a girlfriend.  We had been trying to get together since the end of September to celebrate her birthday, but it took this long for our schedules to line up. Having such a small window of opportunity to watch a movie while the kids are in school means needing to choose one that starts in the eleven o’clock hour.  We had decided Friday would work and she sent me a quick text to let me know that there was indeed a movie that sounded decent showing in our timeframe. Perfect! I trust her judgement, so I did not check to see what the movie was about.  I got to the theater ahead of her to purchase our tickets but couldn’t remember the name of the movie. There were two starting at 11:00 am, Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa, and About Time. Assuming we are not the ‘Jackass’ kind of gals,  I correctly bought the tickets to About Time.  

Well, well, well, let me just say that it has been a long time since my heart felt so full from watching a movie. 

I want everyone I know to see this movie and I don’t want to give away details. I will only say that it is beautiful!  It is about birth and death and choices and love and living our lives!  And recognizing that the little things in our everyday life ARE actually the big things!

I posted my first entry to my Blog yesterday morning about committing my life to noticing it’s daily wonderments. And then within 2 short hours I received a blessing that made my heart swell and my spirit dance. I wanted to stand up at the end of the movie and shout out a confirming YES!

It truly is About Time!  I was to see this movie at the precise time that I saw it.  My heart was long overdue to experience the many emotions embraced by the movie.  It gave me the affirmation necessary to continue down the road that brings simple joys everyday. 

And this morning somehow the sun seems brighter!


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