The Quest for Happiness!

The quest for happiness! I’m in! Everyone seems to be on it, so yep, me too!!!

What does it mean to be on a quest for something? I suppose it means I am on a journey, a search; looking for something I don’t already have or something that has been lost. I’ve always possessed the skills required for detective work, being observant and analytical, so I should be good at this!

So then what is happiness? What am I searching for? Is it a tangible, hidden treasure buried deep within the earth that I need to travel far to uncover? I don’t often like to travel far from home, so I sure hope not. Will I know it when I find it? Will it be labeled? And once I find it is there the risk someone may try to steal it from me? Do I need to keep it hidden so nobody knows I have it?

Or is happiness an intangible feeling associated with excitement and fun? If so, am I really on a quest for the things, people, or places that will bring me to those experiences? And how many do I need to collect before I am done searching? I often have long, tiring days. I’m not sure I have the time, energy, or money to add more “stuff” in my waking hours that can make my life more exciting.

Well this is all seeming a bit hopeless to me now. Maybe this isn’t a quest I’m cut out for. How will a person like me ever find happiness?

The good news is that happiness, as I have discovered, isn’t any of these things! I don’t need to travel far to find it and once I’ve revealed it to myself there isn’t a person or situation that can take it away from me. Sure happiness can be experienced through excitement and fun but can also survive through moments of calmness, boredom, and even those that may be unpleasant.

What is happiness? Where do I find it? How do I get it? How do I keep it?

Happiness is a choice that I make, everyday! It is a contentment within myself and only I can control it. It is hidden within the decisions I make to do the “right” thing and strive to live my life with honesty, integrity, self-control, courage, love, kindness, gratitude, and humility. It isn’t only available to those with a lot of free time or money or even good health. We can all fulfill this craving regardless of our circumstances. The quest doesn’t require I travel on an archeological dig to ancient ruins. Instead it requires a trip deep into my heart where my soul’s true desires lie, waiting to be exposed to the world around me. Happiness is not my reaction to luxury items, exotic vacations, wealth, popularity, good health, or even laughter. It is an action I take knowing, at the end of each day, that I have done all I could to truly feel alive! It is a quest I will continue pursuing all the days of my life. Allowing myself forks in the road that I will meet with a gentle patience, and forgiveness.

The quest for happiness! I’m definitely in!